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Head Hacking is dedicated to providing the best
in hypnosis training, hypnotism products
and hypnosis performance.
Welcome to Head Hacking, a company fascinated with Hypnosis.  Head Hacking was formed by Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake in 2008 to provide the best in hypnosis performance, hypnotism products and hypnosis training. Since then the company has grown into a respected brand that is recognised worldwide and respected for its positive contribution to the art of hypnosis.

If you want to learn about hypnosis or how to hypnotise then please check out our hypnosis videos, free hypnosis lessons and articles.  If you need a professional magician or hypnotist to perform at your function then you can learn more about our performers for hire and see their show reels here.  Our products include books, CDs and DVDs that teach the theory and practice of hypnosis.  We provide group training and private mentoring on all aspects of our approach to individuals and groups worldwide.
Please enjoy looking around our website.
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